Hudson's year in photos for 2010.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We are moving this weekend and are busy packing up our house. We have lived in this home for over 3 years and loved every minute of it. We have raised Hudson in this neighborhood and will miss our morning walks, lunches at the local cafe and evening strolls by the waterfront. We look to the future with hopeful hearts.

While Nick and I are not enjoying the packing process, Hudson is loving it. You put one item in the box, turn around, and Hudson has taken it out. It is such an adventure for him. He loves climbing up the boxes, crawling inside and tearing up the newspaper, all the while, chatting up a storm. He is probably telling us how HE thinks we should be packing the dishes, toys, etc!


honeysuckle said...

So cute! Wish I could see him in action. Good luck with all your work in packing and moving. Love you.

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