Hudson's year in photos for 2010.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter this year was rainy and cold. We held our Easter Egg Hunt inside. Hudson was content with the first egg he found and loved walking around shaking it listening to the sound it made. His eggs were filled with animal crackers - perfect for the little guy!
Aunt Katie explaining how the egg hunt works.

Spying all the hidden treasures.

Shaking his loot.

Trying to figure it all out.

Happy with his one "baseball" egg.

Sorting his stash.

"Tasting" everything in his Easter basket.

Grandpa and Brooke helping him eat his cookies.

He loves his doggies.


honeysuckle said...

It looks like it was lots of fun. The baseball egg was darling and just right for him. Wish I could have been there!

Life In The Klaas Lane said...

They are all so cute together! Nancy must be in (busy) heaven with them all day!

jenjen said...

Look at him go! He is getting so big. I love the red shoes!


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